Triax EDS 01 F Uydu Prizi (Sonlu)

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Ürün Açıklaması:

2-hole SAT antenna outlet socket suitable for use in multi switch installations, single cable solutions and individual SAT installations.

  • Extremely low distribution attenuation thanks to selective splitting of the frequency bands via filters.
  • Outlets for SAT IF (F-socket) and RADIO/TV (IEC plug)
  • Remote feed and DiSEqC enabled SAT-IF outlets as direct F-termination for SAT receiver.
  •  terminated outlet

Teknik Özellikler

Shielding @ 1000...2400 MHz≥ 55.0 dB
Shielding @ 300-470 MHz≥ 80.0 dB
Shielding @ 30-300 MHz≥ 85.0 dB
Shielding @ 470-1000 MHz≥ 75.0 dB
Outlet TypeTerminated
Frequency Range SAT950...2400 MHz
Frequency Range TV5...862 MHz
Through Loss IN-SAT1.2 dB
Through Loss IN-TV1.2 dB
Isolation TV-SAT20.0 dB
Return Loss IN11.0 dB
Return Loss SAT10.0 dB
Return Loss TV12.0 dB
Impedance75 Ω
CertificationEN 50 083-1, EN 50 083-2, EN 50 083-4
DC Passthrough SATYes (max. 24VDC / 0.5A)
Screening EfficiencyEN50083-2 (Class A)
Operating temperature range-25...+55 °C
MTBF (mean time between failures)>1.000.000 hours
Temperature - shipping-40...+70 °C
Temperature - storage-25...+55 °C
Adaptable Cable Diameters - Inner Conductor0.58...1.15 mm
Adaptable Cable Diameters - F-female0.6...1.13 mm
Adaptable Cable Diameters- Jacket4.5...7.2 mm
Adaptable Cable Diameters - Outer Conductor3.7...5.8 mm
Connector SATF-female
Connector TVIEC-male
Dimensions product (H x D x W)70.6 x 70.6 x 21.9 mm
Packaging Depth0,071 m
Packaging Height0,045 m
Total Weight0,112 kg
Packaging Width0,071 m
Main MaterialZinc die-cast
Net Weight0,102 kg
Plug-in Strength - with ø 1,125 N
RemarksConceived specially for SAT IF systems with optional DVB-T operation
Tara Weight0,010 kg
Tensile Strength - Inner Conductor 2 (Ø)> 50 @ 1.13mm N/mm2
Tensile Strength - Inner Conductor 1 (Ø)> 25 @ 0.75mm N/mm2
Weight (kg)0 kg
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